For children, play is the natural medium through which they communicate, explore and learn.  For a young person  it can be helpful to build a relationship with a neutral person and find new ways to communicate about their feelings or what is going on in their life.

"The symbolic distance of play enables children to express their feelings, thoughts and beliefs surrounding difficult life experiences"

- Pattison et al. (2018)

Following a free telephone consultation, you, or you and your child will be offered a first assessment appointment. This is a chance to meet me, ask any questions, see the therapy space and for me to gather any historical background that feels necessary for the work.


Parent feedback sessions will be offered periodically throughout your child’s therapy. It is always hard to gauge how long therapy will be needed for, but I will keep in regular communication and am happy to discuss any concerns you might have. Therapy may last anywhere from eight weeks to a year or more.

It is important that the specific details of sessions are confidential. However, if I feel that your child or someone else is in danger due to safeguarding issues the confidentiality will be broken. You and your child will of course be informed about this.


It is often hard to take the first step towards therapy - it may feel new and scary. Our first meeting is an opportunity to begin to hear your story and for you (and your child) to see if you feel comfortable talking with me. The relationship that develops through the therapeutic process is perhaps the most important aspect of therapy.


For further information, or if you are wondering about taking the next step, please